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Go Academy Qalamaya Club's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
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    XII; The long await Kingdom Hearts 2 picks up where Kingdom Hearts I and Chain of Memories left off. Square-Enix boasts high-quality movies, event sequences, voice-overs, and a card based system like that of Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 9. The projected release date for the game is around christmas time 2005.TESTING

    XI; The unknown characters featured in trailer Deep Dive still remain unknown. Square Enix holds its grunge of not releasing their identities until the game is released. But there have been theories circulating that some of the characters include: an older version of Kairi, Rikku, Mickey Mouse, Ansem, and Sora. Two of the characters featured in the video can be assumed to be original creations of Square Enix themselves and therefor can not be named.

    X; Many new features have been snuck into KH2 such as the ability to customize your own keyblade through the process of synthesizing. You'll also be able to collect keychains that'll power up your weapon. A drive meter much like that in FFX has be included. According to Kingdomhearts2.net Sora will be able to release a powerful attack based on the amount of enemies that you destroy during a battle. The game play however will be featured in real time which will bring the coming of night and day into the game. Finally new worlds and bosses are a given such as: Ancient Greece, Countryside, London, etc and bosses: Darkside, Titans, Cyclops, Hydra, Auron, Nessus, etc.

    IX; Apparently, many Worlds are once again slowly being infested with Heartless. Word has is that strange doings are transpiring in Hollow Bastion, and that it is once again serving as the epicentre of the Heartless invasion. Sora and crew waste no time, and immediately head out en route to Hollow Bastion to investigate the matter. They arrive, and, sure enough, find the usually-hectic world in even more disarray as-per-the-usual, with the Darkness having actually warped the World from that of the one they traveled to one year ago - most noticeably, at first, their arrival-point, Rising Falls, being utterly overcome with Heartless of all shapes and sizes, including some types they had never encountered prior. But before they can make the trek to the castle itself, our heroes are completely surrounded by the horde, as they can only help but gaze upon the monolithic structure where extremely dark deeds are being conducted.

    VIII; As seen in the trailer, there have been flashes of numbers followed by words. Apparently if you piece them all together it because a map. Ansem Report.com has come up with theory of all the points. Point 13 makes references to new worlds, and the 13th order. While 12 and 4 refer to a paradise that Ansem was always looking for. 9 could be the mysterious, dark beach that is shown constantly in the Deep Dive trailer. The 10th one clearly makes a reference to the secret places located in the tree on Destiny Island.

    VII; This layout was made in Paint Shop Pro 7 featuring a theme from the Kingdom Hearts 2 trailer: Deep Dive and Another Side, Another Story. Everything was made by me except for the square images, that inside the curved line totally in over 10 layers, and the photo of Sora in the dividers. The quotes were taken right from the trailer and put under effects. Sidebar overrides were used amongst multiple div layers.TESTING

    VI; Credits to:
  • AnsemReport.com
  • KingdomHearts2.net
  • BlueLaguna.net
  • How-to
  • Ansem Report.com
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